Actually met her; great person, but understandably weary from the combo of religiosity and harassment by pervs. Still among the prettiest-ever actresses. Porn was different in those days. Can you imagine how hard it must have been to concentrate on your schoolwork if you and she were in the same class? ,Great job tugging him off on her perfect pre-boobjob tits! ,She was so hot and had the most perky, pointy tits I've seen. Drive me wild wanting to suck and fondle them. ,she was a great actress. I always enjoyed her work ,She missed out on a mouthful of Peter's cum?? ,Hey peter nice jacket ,Does anyone have the full video I believe this was the movie cheerleader academy? ,More tags = more views ,thanks for this, love the old stuff. Does anyone have any old bunny bleu vids to post? ,i think this flick needs a few more tags ???